After failing naughty stepdaughter seduces stepdaddy

Just because I’m her stepfather doesn’t mean I’m not in a position to discipline Emma. Her grades have constantly been horrible and I’ve had enough of her bad attitude around the house. We argue for a moment, but since I’m the man of the household I send her ass to her room instantly. A few minutes pass and I hear her calling me from the shower. As I enter, I notice she’s out of towels and needs me to grab one, which despite being mad I still do. Upon handing her the towel, a little slut pulls back the curtains and exposes her gorgeous body to me with a lustful look in her eyes! My eyes keep staring at every inch of her perfect figure, but I snap back when I hear she’ll tell her mother about me peeping on her. Although I see what she’s doing, I make a deal and don’t tell anyone about her grades as long as we keep our situation a secret. My young 18 year old naked stepdaughter agrees and eagerly bends over while begging me to grab her little ass. Touching isn’t enough, so I pull my stepdaughter out of the shower, only to see her instantly drop to her knees. Without having to do anything she unzips my pants instinctively to get a taste of my throbbing cock. My sweet stepdaughter’s mouth felt so good, but I swiftly became obsessed with her sweet pussy. After drying off and taking her downstairs, I lay on the sofa and watched as the petite naked girl rode my dick with joy, slamming her cute little ass hard down onto my dick. Her gorgeous body looked amazing, I bend her over to pummel her in doggy relentlessly. After stretching out her young tight pussy and giving her an orgasm, I barely pull out in time to jerk off my meat and bust all across her pretty face.

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