Two beautiful girls gets distracted at their job and enjoys lesbian sex

Never judging the book by its cover is something that should be said for these two blonde angels. Even though the teen girls look like every guy’s dream, they are actually not interested in men. All they care about is their lesbian pleasure. Nancy isn’t wearing any panties underneath the mini skirt, and her coworker Eva takes notice. The girls want a break, but for them “just chilling” is a lot more strenuous than waiting tables. One thing leads to another, and the young lesbians end up in each other’s arms, making out gently. Soon enough, they are completely naked, kissing and grabbing. One of them slowly slides down, working its way down the belly, straight between the legs. Wet, erotic kisses pave her path to the hot, wet pussy, so her girlfriend simply has to open her legs. As her lips are locked onto the pussy, she slowly licks the labia back and forth. Two absolute gorgeous blondes in such a beautiful scenery with their pink clean pussies. Eva is softly moaning, soaking up the pleasure. Now it is her turn to return the favor, and she does it by allowing her girlfriend to sit on her face. She is bucking her hips and grinding her lovely pink pussy against her pretty face. These naked girls really know how to enjoy themselves. No wonder they don’t need men. Nancy’s hips and ass while she grinds on Eva’s face are sooooo perfect. She keeps rubbing her clitoris against her girlfriend’s mouth and lips, she closes her eyes, cumming all over her face. Both girls are really sweet and gorgeous and I love looking at their beautiful toes curl while they’re having an orgasm. What about a lesbian mutual masturbation scene? Sitting next to each other, the naked girls rub their pussies to each other. OMG, they both have so beautiful pussies! Analingus, talented pussy-eating, tongue-fucking, facesitting, tribbing with the toy… A truly amazing outdoor lesbian action!

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