Sweet teen student brunette loves doing anal for sex ed homework

Hazel has always been a nerdy student. She learns a lot and does all her homework on time. She’s really excited about sex ed. She’s working on her home assignment with great curiosity. Today, she has to put a condom on a penis. She accidentally covers her father’s sofa in lubricant while practicing. Needless to say, her dad is furious as he walks in on her. Hazel apologizes and goes to her room a bit upset. She calls her sex ed teacher for help with her home assignment. As soon as they sit down, the teen girl tells him that it’s not her homework she needs help with but chapter fifteen – anal sex! He is appalled. That lesson is months ahead of schedule but Hazel insists she learns it now. In practice! Her teacher is reluctant at first but goes along with her game. The girl pulls down her panties and spreads her ass cheeks in front of his face. He touches her pink asshole gently, them moves to pussy licking and straight-up rimming for little Hazel. The girl moans and groans because of her teacher’s tongue in her asshole. He fingers both her holes, praising her progress. They fuck in cowgirl, just as a warm-up, and then he tells her to lie down on her back. He enters her asshole in the missionary position. Hazel is pleased, her asshole has been deflowered! She stretches out fast as if her asshole is molding itself for her teacher’s dick. He keeps going deeper and deeper into her cute little ass, switching from missionary to reverse cowgirl and then to doggy. Her bushy pussy is mesmerizing to him, but most of all, he likes gaping at her virgin asshole with two hands. The pink spreads and makes little farts when Hazel tries to keep it open. The sight and sound make him cum hard all over her holes. So hard, in fact, that he almost fails to see Hazel’s dad, who chases him out and scolds his daughter. “I’m an A student dad…and this is my A!”, Hazel says.

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