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When she got the role in a new blockbuster movie, Agatha couldn’t be more excited. The leading role was to be played by a famous actor she looked up to. This was going to be her big break. Unfortunately, it turns out the guy is a massive asshole with an even bigger ego. Not one to respect authority, she’d take every chance to talk back to him. The director came up with a plan. Secretly, he sent both of them on a vacation to Italy to have them relax. He failed to mention they’d be sharing a house. After days of fighting, Agatha was ready to leave and abandon the project, but he went chasing after her. He caught her by the hand and pulled her in for a kiss. All of their issues went away in a moment, and they went back in. Straight into the bedroom, they strip off, and Agatha lies back on the bed. Knowing the way to a lady’s heart, he licks her pussy while looking into her eyes. Her young pink pussy is having an orgasm right in his mouth. After that, she goes to return the favor and sucks his massive cock. The sexy teen babe could barely fit the head in her mouth, let alone the whole thing. No more foreplay. He slid his dick inside her wet pussy. As if they were lovers, they allowed pleasure to take over. Each thrust made Agatha moan, demanding more. She found him extremely attractive and wanted to give him something special. She tells him to fuck her asshole! Slowly and gently, he puts the tip in while rubbing her clit. She relaxed, letting him go deeper. The beautiful naked girl then gets on top of him so that more of his thick member could stretch her butthole. She moved her entire body down, making it slap loudly against his. The girl is so hot! Her pretty face and smile, the look in her eyes, her nice firm tits, the little bush over her delicious open pussy. And than the way she moves her hips when she was riding his dick in her tight ass. I think she might be the most beautiful woman in porn at the moment.

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