Elder sister teaches her virgin step brother how to fuck his prom night date

“It’s finally the end of the school year,” Melody exclaims. She and her stepbrother are thrilled that school is over. He just graduated from high school and is taking his girl to the prom night dance. He’s been running around the house trying on his suit, tidying up his boyish good looks. His elder sister remembers what it was like for her prom night and decides to tease her brother a bit. She asks him if he’s ready and knows what’s expected from him. Melody has that smug big sister smile on her face, as any experienced girl would. He has no clue and says that he thinks he’s ready but still needs some practice with his dance moves. Melody decides to help him, albeit a bit grudgingly. She asks him to show her how’s going to fuck his prom date. “You want me to show you what!?” the stepsister clearly states that she wants to see how he will fuck his girl. He eventually gets on the bed and starts mimicking fucking in missionary. She makes fun of him, of course. He says it’s hard to do it without another person. Melody uses this opportunity to get underneath him. He presses his big cock against her over their clothes, and she loves it. The teens both agree that it’s better without any clothes. Oh boy, the shock on his sister’s face when he pulled out his young, virgin but enormous cock. She’s stunned but keeps taking her clothes off to show him her perky tits and a perfect little pussy. His naked stepsister lays down on the sofa and opens her legs in front of him. He has never seen a naked girl before and he stares in awe at his first pussy. He gets on top and simulates fucking her by rubbing his virgin cock on her stomach. She pushes it lower and lower to reveal just how wet her pussy is. Not a second passes, and his cock is between her pussy lips. His horny stepsister wraps her legs around him to make him go in. He slides his slimy prick into her pussy. He pushes all the way, enjoying the feeling of his first pussy and the swollen lips wrapped around his shaft. It feels warm and velvety inside and he keeps sliding in until his balls rest against her ass. He pulls back until only the head is inside. Then he thrusts back in hard and fast. Melody takes it upon herself to show Juan what it feels like to fuck a tight pussy right. She makes him fuck her faster and faster, slamming into her vagina balls deep. The view of a beautiful naked girl, with her legs spread wide open, the view of his cock going in and out of her wet pussy, the view of her perky titties with hard nipples bouncing with his thrusts, almost make the virgin boy cum right in her. Making his girl pregnant right at prom is not the best scenario. He must learn to control himself. So, his stepsister stands up, turns her back towards him, and sits on it in reverse cowgirl. The wet pussy just gushes its juices out as he plugs it. Underneath her grumpy attitude, she’s actually a little submissive bitch. So, he fucks her like one, doggy style. He is fucking her with all the youthful enthusiasm he can muster, probably thinking how much real pussy is better than jerking off. With her pussy ravaged, the beautiful naked girl gets on her knees and starts tenderly sucking on that dick until it explodes all over her face and inside her mouth. “I think you’re ready for the prom now bro,” she mutters, just barely.

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