Naughty girl tease and fucked in the arcades

My slender brunette girl, Veronica, really likes going to the arcades. Also she loves teasing me sexually in public places. Just this evening, she got all hot and bothered. But, instead of having sex at home, she put her dress on and said we should go to the mall. She’s trying to flash me while people are walking by. As soon as they’re gone, she pulls her pants and panties down and shows me her shaved pussy, as if she wants me to see it in public. I got the message, alright. I take my pants off and make my horny gamer girl suck me off the minute we’re alone. My girl sucks my cock, not paying attention to the people around. Her blue eyes flash up at me as I slip my dick further and further down her throat. She’s thrilled but also emotional. It seems this public sex excites her too much. Some passersby interrupt us, so I quickly pull my pants up and help her move. Veronica acts like cock drunk slut when she sees a friend. The girls start a game of table hockey. Since I know that her friend wouldn’t mind seeing us fuck, I seize the opportunity. I pull down Veronica’s pants, exposing her naked ass to the whole arcade. My dick is rock hard as I spread her ass cheeks and put it inside her pussy. She twists and moans but keeps on playing the game with her friend. As she’s about to lose, between the moans, she says I jinxed her with my cock. More people head our way, so I pull her pants up and my own. We go to a more secluded part of the arcade, by an old gaming console that nobody uses. It has a nice red bench which my little whore uses to lie down on her stomach and suck me off. She has to finish what she started. My hard dick feels huge in that little mouth. Not a minute passes, and her shaved twat is on top of me, riding my dick. I fuck her with all I’ve got as her friend sees us and yells that we’re going to get in trouble. We don’t care so much at this point. Veronica turns her back towards me and fucks me in reverse cowgirl position, twerking her perfect ass all over my dick. Eventually, she starts slowing down, complaining that she no longer feels comfortable. This interruption makes me impatient, so I take her to the bathroom. We don’t waste much time talking. Instead, I force her into a corner and make her take me from behind. Veronica’s head is right next to a full trash can. She grips a nearby dirty sink as I pound her sweet ass. This scene excites me so much that it makes me cum hard. And then it finally happens. I fill up my dirty girl and tell her I want to do this again.

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