Proctologist helps pull out her anal toys and gets heavenly orgasm

Using sex toys goes wrong as the luscious babe gets them stuck in her tight ass. She swiftly goes to the local clinic where she waits until the doctor’s ready to see her. She is a badass babe who loves to play with anal sex toys. This time she’s got herself in a real debacle when her huge buttplug gets jammed! Once inside she embarrassingly shows the proctologist her booty whilst explaining the issue. He swiftly grabs his bottle of oil and begins teasing her asshole until it fully relaxes. Although she’s enjoying it, the toy is simply too big so he has to pull it out by force. Finally, the butt plug is out, but instead of being happy, she exclaims that there’s more. He pushes his fingers inside her anus only to feel a plastic string. As he pulls out, a set of anal beads come out and make the brunette moan uncontrollably. Seeing her oiled bum shaking from pleasure gets his cock throbbing, so he prepares her for a more detailed examination. As the Asian anal slut looks behind her shoulder she watches as the doctor pulls out his huge dick and starts stretching her hole. She’s too excited to stop him, so she eagerly lets him use her as much as he wants. Their anal fun is interrupted by the nurse, who he manages to lead out of the room without getting caught. Once they’re alone again she drops to her knees and starts sucking on the meat that’s been plowing her insides. The horny proctologist strips out of his uniform and lays in bed and the naked girl doesn’t hesitate to climb onto him for a passionate ride. Her moans can be heard from outside, but she doesn’t care as she’s about to orgasm from his intense thrusts. He pounds so hard and deep into her asshole! As her body begins shaking and shivering, he backs off and watches her cum with joy. Although she reached the climax, the doctor’s yet to cum, and she wants his jizz so they continue.

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