My sexy slender nerdy roommate loves licking my balls

I really like to hang out and fool around with my roommate. She’s a sexy brunette who has a way of turning me on just by looking at me. Today is no different. We’re chilling on the couch and just looking at each other. I feel compelled to touch her breasts and lift her pink top. Her small perky titties look amazing. They fit perfectly in my hand. A minute later, my dick is in her mouth. She’s a bit shy at first, but only a few trips to the back of her throat later, and she’s gagging on my cock like a pro. I love how intelligent she looks with her glasses on and my dick in her mouth. I lift my legs up and spread them open like a girl and my roommate is on all fours licking my balls. He runs her pink tongue all over my balls and sucks on my cockhead again. We skip everything else and go straight to fucking. The sexy teen peels her pink bottoms off for me slowly, presenting her perfect, firm ass to me. Her shaven pussy has me aching. I lay the beautiful naked girl down on the couch and fuck her missionary. Her pussy is so tight it’s hard not to cum. She’s breathing heavily and moaning as I keep going deeper and deeper. Afterward, I pull out and sit on the couch. The young beauty stands up and turns her gorgeous ass on me, only to do squats on my dick like some fitness model. Her ass is just perfect, so firm and tight. Her asshole sends me kisses as she moans with pleasure. No matter how slowly I tell her to do it, I still feel like cumming. She feels it too. She goes deeper. I barely manage to pull out and cum all over her little pussy.

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