Massage Sex Mistress fucks her maid and her well-endowed masseur

Massage Sex Mistress fucks her maid and her well-endowed masseur The Kent estate is very well-known and respected. Mr. Kent is the owner, and his lovely young wife, Alyssia, takes care of the house. Since her husband is away all the time and the mansion is pretty big, she needs help. Most of the time, her maid, Alice, helps her. However, today is different. Lady Alyssia feels she needs an extra pair of helping hands. Her back aches from all the chores, so she gets a masseur to help her out. Old boy Danny is a master of his trade. Little does he know how interesting his job is going to be today. Once he’s done preparing his table, he goes off to the toilet to wash his hands. When he walks by the massage room, he sees the sexiest scene of his life. Little maid Alice was rubbing Alyssia’s pussy and asshole, pretending to be him! He can decide what turns him on more, the site of two dark-haired bitches lezzing it out or the fact that Alyssia thinks it’s him. Unfortunately, he gets caught and even tossed around by the angry Mrs. Kent. She takes over and makes Danny boy fuck her on the table. He has a huge 10 inch dick and she can’t wait to get it inside her vagina. He enters her pussy in missionary. Alice’s soft lips drown the mistress’s moans. The maid is told to clean his dick after it’s been inside her lady. Once he’s all nice and clean, he takes Alyssia from the back. He appreciates the control he has over the girls at this point. His big dick has all the authority now. Nailing Alice from the back and making her taste Mrs. Kent’s pussy makes him very horny. So much, in fact, that he plows the naked girls both on the massage table in cowgirl. Alyssia enjoys watching her two helping hands fuck, so she makes them do it standing up. She jerks her swollen pussy as the masseur cums inside the younger girl. Once she’s reasserted control, the MILF cums and dismisses them with no pay. It’s tough being the lady of the house.

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