Jordi’s girlfriend seductively begs for anal sex while he is on online meeting

The constantly horny Angie can’t get enough of Jordi’s thick cock, but he’s soon about to go on an important online meeting. Instead of waiting for him to finish, the naughty blonde sneaks behind his laptop and starts stripping seductively to get his attention. He somehow manages to maintain his composure while she caresses her juicy tits, but once she turns around his dick gets hard within an instant. The little slut reached back and placed her hands on her buttocks and parted her ass cheeks exposing her glorious asshole. She relaxed and stretched her anus, making circular motions with her finger on her clit. Seeing her big white ass bent over the desk made it impossible for him not to sneakily finger, but Angie swiftly stopped him from sneaking under the desk. As she slides down his pants, she teases his massive manhood with her gentle tongue. Sucking the tips and licking the balls almost make Jordi moan, but he makes up an excuse to be out of the meeting for a few minutes. The moment he turns off the camera, he takes the raunchy blonde in bed to dick down her ass without mercy. He grabs her by the hair and watches as her back arches for his entire shaft to fit into her. They both moan as he presses his cock against her anus. He can feel his glans opening her asshole up and then it slips in. He withdraws, her ring opens up invitingly as his girlfriend is now pulling her cheeks apart with more force. He pushes his hard cock all the way in this time, balls deep into her gorgeous ass! The feeling of her anus clenching around his cock is so good and it takes a lot of self-control not to cum right in her ass right here and now. She moves her hand underneath between her legs and starts to rub her clit. Her asshole stretches around his cock and each time he pulls back he can see her anus pouting outwards in sympathy. Unfortunately, he’s getting notifications and has to return the call, but this time he stays in bed and holds his laptop while his girlfriend uses his rod. Without wasting a moment, she straddles him and starts bouncing with pure joy in her eyes. Despite trying to hold in her moans, they start slipping out the deeper her bum gets penetrated. Thankfully, he thinks of another excuse and the two continue the drilling in the hallway. Jordi lies on the staircase and watches as Angie’s thick body desperately tries to make him nut. All he can do is watch his huge cock slide in and out of her ass as she keeps pulling her cheeks apart with her hands. The feeling of her tight asshole pushes him over the edge! His balls tighten and for a moment he stops breathing as he feels the fire in his cock give way to a huge release as he shoots his cum up her glorious ass. His balls pressed against her pussy. Her anus is milking him. He keeps coming and pumping and grunting and fucking his beautiful arse.

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