Hot Amish girls get swapped and fulfill their duties of procreation

Emma’s and Adrianna’s stepfathers are simple farm folk. The Amish families depend on agriculture and live by its natural rules. When the sowing season comes, they plant their seeds in the ground. They’ve both noticed how their stepdaughters have come of age and that it’s time to plant a seed in each of them as well. They agree to switch stepdaughters and say their prayers for the gifts they’re about to receive. Their innocent virgin girls are on all fours on a bed with their asses facing the men. The lifted traditional skirts reveal a pair of white and pink panties and two ripe asses. Blonde Emma has Adrianna’s stepdad eat her out from behind. Emma’s dad does the same for sweet brunette Adrianna. The Amish men explore their tight, untouched holes with their tongues and fingers. As nature would have it, they both stand up and put their dicks inside the girls’ pussies in doggy. The naked girls find this new sport very interesting, as they grind and moan. However, this wouldn’t be a farm if the Amish girls weren’t taught how to ride dick like cowgirls. Emma yells that she likes how big Mr. Jade’s cock is. His own stepdaughter even glances over to check out the shaft that’s making her friend scream and moan. When their stepdads are on their backs, the naked girls even go so far as to switch places. The dutiful stepfathers protest, but Emma reassuringly claims: “It’s tradition!” They pray for the debauchery to stop but don’t stop fucking them. These two wayward old-schooled guys fill their stepdaughter’s pussies just the same. Once they accept how good this particular sin is, they warn their girls how close each of them is to cumming. Of course, their demonized daughters go down on their cocks like harpies and suck their stepdads. As they cum, the men feel tremendous guilt, but their girls only feel they need more dick.

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