Divorced stepdad gets help from two hot stepdaughter

Getting over a difficult divorce is always very hard. But when you have stepdaughters like these, nothing can be so hard. That day the stepdad visited his stepdaughters to break down the bad news. They were concerned about him and let him stay for a night. But things take a wrong turn in this kinky household very quickly, as a full-blown threesome unfolds in the middle of the night. One of the stepdaughters is Asian. Her crush on her stepdad was always obvious, but only now she got the chance to reveal it. So she was the first one to greet his mature cock. She did it with a wet mouth and juicy lips. The stepdad couldn’t believe she was such a good cock sucker. Her mother never sucked his cock like that. The other teen babe was up for kissing, so she kissed and sucked his lips during the blowjob. Overwhelmed by immense pleasure, the mature man almost splashed his cum straight into his stepdaughter’s mouth! But since he’s very experienced, he managed to squeeze his balls and continue to enjoy the blowjob. Can you imagine having a threesome with these two teen babes? Now the girls were wild, and they started kissing each other. The stepdad was below them, pampering their pussies. His skills gave a lot of pleasure to the girls and now they were competing to see which one would get on the cock first. The blonde one was too horny, so she mounted her stepdad quickly. His cock made her pussy cum in the first stroke! She moaned while her stepsister was sucking her hard nipples. Full-blow coitus unfolds and they go like that for hours, fucking each other like crazy. Both naked girls go on all fours and let him fuck their pussies from behind. Then the thirsty girls go down on the hard cock and swallow every single drop of delicious cum.

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