Amateur sneaky teen sex on aquatic aerobic classes behind clients backs

It’s been almost three months since I started teaching aquatic aerobics to the elderly. I do it with a beautiful colleague because we have a lot of clients. She is very adventurous regarding sex, and at one point, we started fucking in our classes. Right after we give assignments to the group, she comes to me and shows me her little pussy. Pulling her swimwear to the side she spreads her pussy lips with two fingers, showing off her clit. I guess she loves the thought of getting caught. She loves to talk about her public sex adventures. Then, when the elderly ladies start jumping and exercising in the pool, she secretly pulls my cock out and greets it with a quick sloppy blowjob. I must say that with her, I also grew fond of public sex. There are people around but it doesn’t stop my naughty colleague from attacking my cock. Taking the head into her mouth her tongue dances all over the head of my cock. I am so focused on the feeling of my balls in her mouth that I don’t pay any attention to the people in the swimming pool right behind her back. She always makes me cum in her little mouth but this time, she wants to fuck me! I am stunned. So far we haven’t gone further than the third base. Once the clients are occupied with exercises, she sits beside me, pulls her bikini to the side, and shoves my cock straight into her dripping wet puss. I can’t believe how tight it is. I feel it squeezing my cock almost as if she wants to make me cum. But there isn’t a chance for me to do so. I want to enjoy that delicious pussy as long as I can. Slowly but surely, she is getting into a cowgirl position. I look over her shoulder and realize that nobody have noticed anything. Good, I can continue to enjoy that gorgeous pussy. This is when I realize that this girl fucks like a queen. Her love for cocks puts her in all sorts of situations. Now she is giving me everything she has. She rides my cock like crazy, trying to have it as deep as she can. I can hear only the sweet sound of clapping as our thighs came together. Her hard clit is rubbing against my pubic bone. Then she flips over and gets into a reversed position. Now I have a much better view of her pussy eating my cock whole. It looks amazing and very arousing. She has a very nice ass that I enjoy slapping and squeezing with both hands. I admire the sight of her little asshole, so pretty! Fully naked the girl gets on all fours and tells me to fuck the shit out of her! I grab her waist with both hands and push my hips forward quickly driving my hard cock balls deep into her dripping wet hole. I feel an eruption in the root of my cock. I want to cum so badly and fill that pussy with my juice. But the desire to enjoy this delicious pussy more prevails and I continue to fuck her. Totally oblivious to the surrounding, we haven’t notice that everyone from the class is looking at us! But I don’t care. Instead of stopping, I grab her hair and keep fucking her hard from behind. I just close my eyes and enjoy my moment of fame. Half of the clients have left, but the other half have stayed and watch me cumming all over the bitch’s face.

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