Young shop assistant rides colleague dick in the middle of the grocery store

My colleague Aubry has been giving “the look” for quite some time now. She’s a naughty little brunette I work with. We’re both shop assistants. My manager is just telling me to get back over to aisle six to help Aubry with some oranges. As I walk over to number six, I see Aubry flashing her bare titties at me! I tell her she can’t be doing that, and she just right smack goes for my dick. The girl is on her knees and sucking me off next to the cooking oil and vinegar. I feel elated and slide my dick into her mouth. This mad vixen gags on my cock as hard as she can. The only thing that stops her is the voice of our manager approaching. We stand up and dress up quickly. Not a minute later, she’s kneeling by the vegetable aisle for me. I’m not even fighting her at this point. She looks busy after sucking me but still pulls her pants down when no one is around. I make sure a buddy covers for me as I pull her pink thong to the side and enter her pussy from the back. She moans into the vegetable stand and bends ever forward so I can fuck her more easily. Her big round ass cheeks are slapping against me as she pushes them back onto me, driving my dick deep into her pussy. A female colleague scolds us, and we move to a more secluded location. I fuck her missionary on a pile of boxes, and she rides me raw on some potato sacks. It feels really good to have Aubry ride me like that. The naked girl switches from regular to reverse cowgirl, showing me her pretty trimmed bush until the only thing I can do is pull out and cum. Now, we have to get back to work, or the boss will kill us.

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