Virgin step sons swap sex with Desperate stepmoms

The news is in. A deadly comet is inbound. Once it hits, all life as we know it will end. Blondes Vivianne and Misty have their sons with them, Parker and Jimmy, and are scared beyond belief. After the initial shock, grief sets in. The boys are terrified to die virgins. One of the moms comes out and says she has never had sex with a woman! The other MILF has never had anal sex! “My dying wish is that I have sex before I die,” Jimmy says. It’s the end of the world and all anyone can think about is getting laid one last time, or for the first time. After some short deliberation, the two decide to do the old switcheroo. The moms decide to relieve the boys of their virginity. Jimmy gets to nail Mrs. DeSilva, and Parker gets Mrs. Meaner. After some initial awkwardness, the action gets underway. Jimmy is a little shy, so the MILF talks him into releasing his pent-up sexual drive. After all, he doesn’t want his one shot to be some shabby 5 minute fuck. The mature woman wants her friend’s boy to go out with a bang. The same is true of Mrs. Menaer. She only wants what’s best for Parker. The boy is very different from his friend. He’s not shy at all. He pulls his pants down to reveal his rock-hard dick. He takes Mrs. Meaner’s throat like a champ, standing up, forcing her to get on her knees. His mom, Vivianne, follows her friend’s lead. Now both moms are on the floor, sucking away at these two young virgin cocks, casting forbidden glances the other’s way. It’s clear that these otherwise well-composed women have started falling prey to their dirtiest desires. Vivianne doens’t even hide it. When the boys start licking their pussies, she looks into Parker’s eyes with affirmation and lust. This gives the boy extra stamina when Misty sits on his dick. She’s somewhat bigger than him, but he’s in control. He treats her like his little slut. The boys are in heaven fucking their mom’s pussies in reverse cowgirl as the slutty MILFs bounce up and down. Misty even squirts all over her friend’s son’s cock, and Vivianne is impressed! Their moms have never tried anal sex and they boys don’t mind trying it as well. Soon enough, one of the moms is being DP-ed by a pair of young cocks. As soon as she’s had her fun, Vivianne takes her son by the hand and sits his ass on the couch. She tells Misty to guide Parker’s massive cock into her ass and prepare Jimmy to fuck her pussy. Misty does as she’s told, and pretty soon, the boys are all up in Vivianne’s holes. They need to try everything – anal sex, squirting orgasms, lesbian sex. When the pair are through opening their moms’ holes up, they both pull out and cum at the same time. The site is spectacular. The comet can strike whenever because these four really don’t care anymore.

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