The nerd gets to fuck sexiest girl in school right on the teacher’s desk

The most popular and the most beautiful girl in school, Chloe and Rion, a nerd, prep for the upcoming chemistry competition with the help of Mr. White – no, not that one. The dude is frustrated because Chloe is underqualified with her lacking scientific knowledge, but the sexy blonde girl is only doing the competition so that he will notice her. The trio decides to take a power nap, but while Rion and the teacher and sleep, Chloe experiences an entirely different type of chemistry. She pulls down her red lacy panties, hikes her plaid skirt up, revealing a gorgeous bald pussy! She begins to rub her pussy mound against the edge of the school desk, looking around to make sure not to wake them up. But at some point, Rion wakes up and sees what she is doing. The most beautiful girl in school is masturbating her pussy right in the middle of the classroom! He grabs his phone and starts recording everything, realizing that no one will believe him otherwise. She closes her eyes bringing herself to an orgasm, rubbing her clit faster against the edge of the desk. She imagins herself lying on the teacher’s desk while he slowly kisses her, caresses her breasts, his hand strokes her inner thigh, sliding up to her pussy, ohh so nice, so pleasing, so exciting, it makes her tingle all over… and suddenly she realizes that he is no longer asleep! The horny schoolgirl decides not to miss this opportunity. She quickly pulls his pants down, his cock pops out, like half hard already, and its right in her face! She takes the nerd’s penis in her mouth and begins to suck it. She licks circles around the head of his dick and sucks on it, feeling it grow harder in her mouth while she sucks. Suddenly her hand slides lower and she squeezes his crotch. They don’t pay any attention to the chemistry teacher. Moreover, the sexy teen sits on his table, lifts her skirt and he starts rubbing his cock against her bald pussy. She feels the head of his cock touch her open pussy, her sensitive clit, ever so slowly, he puts more pressure on and the head of his cock slides into her. Oooooohhh God! The girl moans, feeling her unused pussy being stretched by his cock. Her pussy is twitching around this cock. She leans up and passionately makes out with him as her pussy gets used to being so filled with such a big cock. Then the schoolgirl turns and bends for the nerd, lifting her skirt up to her waist, giving him an amazing view of her ass. To really spice things up, he keeps fucking her from behind right by the teacher’s desk at the risk of being caught! Fucking her from behind is fantastic but the girl wants to ride him! He lies down on his back with his hard cock sticking straight up, the girl stands and removes all her clothes then straddles him. Her hand guides his cock into her wet and juicy cunt. Not paying attention to their sleeping teacher, the slut begins to jump on him, milking his dick with her pussy.

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