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Dude sneaks out and fucks his hot fit neighbor in her yard

The cute brunette was playing with her pussy in the yard when her neighbor saw her. He immediately jumped over the fence, knowing what this lovely neighbor didn’t mind to play with his penis as well. He took her in his arms and lifted her like a toy, immediately throwing himself on her firm, natural breasts. He kissed her stiff nipples while she stroked his bald head with a smile. He placed the girl on the couch that was placed next to the tree and pulled out his big cock that jumped in front of the neighbor’s pretty face. The babe commented with delight that he had a huge cock and immediately started giving him a blowjob. Her pervy neighbor started forcefully thrusting his cock deep into her throat, holding her by the back of her head with his hand. She began to choke as she tried to ram his tool all the way in, but she could only go halfway. She enjoyed his big cock as he rammed it deep into her throat. The girl got abnormally horny and started begging the neighbor to stick his dick in her wet hole. Positioning her on the edge of the couch, the guy started to fuck her from behind at a fast pace. He started to enter her cunt while holding her by the neck. The girl began to moan loudly, surrendering to his dominance. His dick was so big for her small pussy. He pounded her like a real stallion, never stopping for a moment. When he started slapping her ass, she got even more excited and started to cum. The guy didn’t let her rest but immediately put her in the reverse cowgirl position. His entire big cock entered her tight pussy without any problems, as she was wet and ready to accept him whole. They even climbed a tree and he kept fucking her while standing right on a branch. He drilled her shaved pussy for a few more moments, and then he came deep inside her.

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